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  • Ten Primary 5 and 6 pupils joined a seven-day study tour to New Zealand in November. To experience the everyday life of the people of New Zealand, our pupils stayed in the host families for the whole trip. Besides, they spent a fabulous time with the local pupils in Orewa Primary School. They had different kinds of activities such as learning how to play ukulele and weave flax. Apart from academic activities, they also visited some famous scenic spots in Auckland. All of them enjoyed the trip very much!
This was my first time staying with a host family. I lived with my host parents and two younger sisters. The house was nice and spacious. It was by the beach, so we had a great view of the sea. The moon was so round at night and the shadow floated on the water. I have never seen this before. There was also a trampoline at home, so we had a great time jumping up and down. My host family was so kind and caring and I will never forget them. Koo Pearl Keru (P.5D)

Hi, I am Venus. I visited a lot of places in New Zealand: Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland Zoo and Auckland Sky Tower. I learnt the history of the first and the second world war in the museum. I also enjoyed the skyline of Auckland from the tower. The most memorable experience was to visit Auckland Zoo. There were so many different animals. They were cute. I was so excited that I could see them closely. What a wonderful trip!

Chen Ching Lui, Venus (P.5D)

I was glad that I have studied at Orewa Primary School in New Zealand for two days. The teachers and pupils there were very nice and friendly. My host parents took me to school in the morning and I had lessons with other local pupils. I learnt about the Maori culture and now I know how to make a family tree out of flax. We collected flax from the playground and started weaving into traditional shapes. The teacher, Mr Simon, told us that the flax represented the ancestors, so we had to be very careful. Besides, I have learnt how to play ukulele from my buddy. He taught me patiently. I played a song with the whole class on the grass. It was fun! 

Huang Jiahui, Tony (P.5D)