Read Write Inc.
In our school,
In our school, all the primary 1 to 4 students start learning the 44 common sounds in the English Language, and how to decode and encode from the Read Write Inc Literacy Program (RWI) , which became a core program in English Language in London in 2006. It is a lively and vigorous teaching of synthetic phonics in which students are taught to comprehend and compose out loud.
Besides, they are exposed to read a series of more than 40 storybooks with some writing exercises throughout the program. That means they could go through the word recognition and the language comprehension processes.
Our teachers have been trained to follow the five principles of the RWI program: pace, praise, purpose, participation and passion, we organize a variety of activities to help students build the basic sounds.
PhotoStudents are guided to read the sentences orally and then talk through the day in the early stage. In addition, children can talk through play, story and rhymes so as to develop language comprehension. Hence, a “reading to learn” culture is nurtured in their early ages.

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